QWERTY isn’t fast enough for you? DVORAK is here to help!

Most probably the greatest part of the touch typing community is familiar with the QWERTY keyboard layout. It was first designed to be used on the old-school typing machines, so it had to be developed in a way that the person couldn’t type in with the speed of light. Why? Because the typing machine wasn’t designed to be able to deal with great hyperspeed touch typing. However, QWERTY even nowadays is very comfortable and convenient for us. But what if I want to type faster…?

For those who want to type faster, DVORAK keyboard was developed. You may have never heard of it, because it hasn’t become popular and widespread. However, a lot of programmers and other people who benefit from being able to type very fast, are very much familiar with the layout.

The good news is that you can easily learn to type with DVORAK keyboard layout. First, you have to download the layout and install it on your computer. When it’s done you might feel a little awkward, but remember - you can change the layout whenever you want.

After, we suggest you to take the Typing Study course adjusted for DVORAK keyboard layout. Start from lesson 1. You might feel frustrated at first and you can stop doing it whenever you want, but remember - only practice makes perfect and being annoyed at first is an absolutely normal reaction on trying new and difficult things. When you feel safe enough, continue with the lesson 2. You might also practice by playing some touch typing games - it may be a bit more fun after the harsh learning process. But remember - if you complete lesson 1, we suggest you to take level 1 in the touch typing games, if you complete lesson 2, take the level 2 and so on.

You will notice - after short period of time you will start to adjust and find the DVORAK keyboard layout absolutely normal. Why? Because muscles have memory and they will start to memorize the location of each and every letter or symbol on the keyboard.